Friday, April 26, 2013

7th Bead Soup Blog Party

What a wonderful day for a party.
I am no longer a wall flower at this party, girls!
I took the plunge and decided to join the
7th Bead Soup Blog Party.

Our lovely hostess, Lori Anderson,
gets a bunch of bead loving people together
(541 this time)
to be paired up and swap bead soups.
My partner for this reveal is Lori.

Here is the soup she sent me.

I love the colors of the beads.
I knew immediately what I wanted to do with
the silver rings and clasp.
The focal is amazing.
But what to do with it???

The first thing I did was set the focal to the side, 
because quite frankly
I had absolutely no clue what to do with it.
One thing I did know was that I did not want to just use it
for a necklace.

I had these pink beads for some time now
and figured these would 
make a great necklace along with the 
rings and then use the clasp.

At each end of the pink beads I put a white seed bead and one of the spacers.
Then hooked them together with the larger rings.
Here's how it came out....

Of course I made a pair of earrings to go along with it.

Now back to the focal...
I wanted to try wire crocheting, 
so I took the pink and blue crystals and 
started in.
I wrapped the wire to attach it to the focal
I made a bracelet with it.
I am still not 100 on the bracelet,
because the focal is kinda heavy for the wire size I used.

I did not get to make anything with the 
white round rings,
but I will work on it and post at another time.

I want to thank Lori for the soup and for hosting 
this wonderful party.
Make sure to check out what everyone else made.

::Here is the link to the list of the other participants::

Happy Hopping!!


  1. Delightful designs. Cool technique with the wire crochet. Enjoy hopping!

  2. The pink necklace is so sweet! The wire crochet turned out very nice, I hope you do more of it.

  3. The pink set is fantastic! You will suddenly get a great idea for the focal after the event!

  4. Your pieces turned out really nicely. Way to go!

  5. Beautiful soft spring colors, a lovely soup!

  6. Yummy soup. Sweet designs.

  7. I tried wire crocheting too! Found it really hard going - so good on you for making a bracelet with the technique! I love the pretty pinks and blues of your pieces - very girly and fun!

  8. Lovely pieces! Wire crocheting is one thing I still haven't tried, maybe in the future ...

  9. I really like your first necklace and I am so not a pink kinda girl. On the bracelet how about making several strands and then braiding them?

  10. Love the contrast between wire crocheting and the focal, really interesting

  11. Very very pretty, the pink necklace and earrings are so delicate.

  12. Love those pink bead and what you have done with them, very pretty.

  13. Very lovely pieces! Wire crocheting is something I must really try ... The pink beads look very nice with the large rings.

  14. So totally beautiful! I love what you made!
    jean yates from the first reveal

  15. Mischelle your jewelry is lovely. I like pink so all of your pieces appeal to me. I like your bracelet but I would add another strand of the wire crochet to balance the large focal.

  16. Your pieces are all so lovely and feminine. You did a fantastic job with your soup!

  17. Your bracelet and earrings are quite nice and I applaud you for trying something different with the focal even if you feel like it didn't work out. I'm SURE you'll find some way to use it so that you highlight it's beauty. Well done for the effort!

  18. I've never done wire crochet, but looking at that as a bracelet (clever girl) I think if you made a couple more strands of the crochet, you'd have the width to match up to the focal. I'm so proud of you for thinking outside the box!

    And THANK YOU for being patient with my multiple illnesses and delays in getting around to the blogs -- I'm so sorry and hope you'll join again next year.


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