Monday, December 24, 2018

Beanie Weather!

2018 was a year that brought me great sadness, joy 
and a new thirst for learning more crafts.
I decided that 2019 is the year of Creative Flow for me.
I have a few crafts I want to learn and crocheting is one of those.
To be more specific, beanies and socks.
I have always been able to make scarves, but only had knowledge of two stitches. lol

Yarns purchased at Walmart for now.

I have purchased some yarn from Walmart until I start to master the beanie and sock process.
Then I have a few online venders I will be buying hand dyed yarns from.

My first attempt at a beanie.

After a few hours on youtube, I finally found a great how to video for a slouchy beanie.


Once I get the beanie finished, (hopefully after the holidays)
I will post the finished product.

Have a wonderful week.


Friday, December 21, 2018

My Leftovers Went to My Ears....

I know I am a little late getting this out.  I so tried to do this last night but the holidays are really kicking me. LOL
 Erin, from Earrings Everyday sends out a monthly  We're All Ears Challenge. This month, the challenge was to Use Your Leftovers from a craftermath.
Now mind you I just had cleaned my crafting area when the challenge was issued,
so I just threw together some things that were in a bowl I have of  leftovers.
This is what I came up with.

Here is what I came up with...…

I have the mesh beads forever.  
So I decided to grab some chain, wire wrap the briolettes and add the starfish charms.

I have always wanted to use these but just didn't know what to do. 
So I just added some black recycled glass beads with black wired to create these cuties.

On my trip to Monterey, I found these two pieces of sea glass.
I don't work with yellows and browns much, so I knew I was going to whip these up.
I just drilled some holes in the sea glass and added the recycled glass beads.  
 That was pretty much it.

The next pair I created I think may be my favorites. 
I paired the seashell patina'd charms with some chain I had to create these.  
I really get a beachy feeling with these.

I am starting to use driftwood in my pieces.. 
I wire wrapped some sea glass I found at Santa Cruz, Ca to some driftwood pieces found at the same location.  Santa Cruz is definitely my favorite place t collect driftwood.

I call these my Jasmine earrings lol
I used some silk ribbon I had and wrapped some wire and beads to it.
I added the drops to add some length to them.

I started to photograph the next pair of earrings, but my handsome Luke had other plans.
Actually, he always has other plans for me when I am trying to create and photograph. lol

For the next pair, I used some recycled glass, briolette's in white and added some recycled glass beads to the ear wires.

My final pair I used some cultured sea glass beads and the infinity charms.
I am not really happy with these and just may repurpose them lol.

And that is it..... 8 pairs of leftover earrings.  Go check out what Erin and the other participants created here.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Pantone Color of the Year 2019

And the color is...…..

Have a great weekend.


It's That Time of Year Again

Yes it is!
Its time again for Earrings Everyday's
4th Annual Use Your Leftovers Challenge.

What is the challenge, you ask?
 Take a picture of your beadfeast.
Put together in a divided box some inspiration which could be
beads, findings, fibers or metal.
Get to creating and then post on the 21st of Dec your creations.

To view the challenge, click here

Have a wonderful weekend.