Monday, October 26, 2015

30 Day Challenge ::Tattoos::

I was cruising facebook one day and a page liked posted a 30 day challenge for bloggers.  
Since I have been neglecting my blog for some time now, I figured this is the perfect time to get back into blogging and photography. 
 I mean, who am I kidding, I need all the practice I can get in the photography department.  
I first decided that I am not going to go down the line and start at one, but I am just going to pic a number and run with it.
So last night I asked my son and his friend to pic a number and those chose lucky number seven.

Today's Question....
What tattoos do you have and what is the meaning behind them, if you do?

 I have always wanted to get one and I love how they look on guys, but I have yet to get a tattoo.  But.....
I do know what I would want to get if I did get one.
A monkey holding the Chinese symbol for Capricorn.
The meaning is kinda cheesy..
I was born in the year of the Monkey and I am a Cap.

I also want to get an elephant because I LOVE elephants 
Lastly I would love a
portrait of my sons friend Mason who passed away.
In the photo I have, he has his hands like he is praying. 

So that is the sad truth of question number seven.
No tattoos!!
But a girl can dream can't she????

Have a blessed day!