Sunday, November 1, 2015

Memories.... Early and New

Another 30 day blog entry...
I had my son Marshall pick the number.
He came up with two, which is
my earliest memory.

I seriously can remember back to when I was in a crib. 
I had to have braces on my feet and
back then they would put your feet into some 
contraption and I would have to sleep a certain way so my feet
could be corrected.
I remember screaming it hurt so bad.

I also remember when my I was about 5 years old,
we were living in San Diego.
My Nana and Popo came to visit and my brother cut his
finger almost off on a coffee can.

I also remember one time when my brother was about 5 and he ate a
huge daddy long leg spider.
So yes, I do remember some things from my childhood.
In fact, I probably could come up with a bunch more.
I will save those for another blog.

Hope you all are having a blessed Sunday..