Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Fav at Micheladas Musings

It's Friday!!!!
Our official start of the Spring Break 2015.
What better way to kick it off than with my Friday Fav over at

Since today also marks my first trunk show of the year,
I though my this weeks fav would be something to get the 
festivities started.

Made with cultured sea glass and silver sand dollar charm
with sterling silver ear wires. 
(can be made into either post or clip ons)

Not only are the earrings marked down, but if you purchase this
item today, you will get a free pair of earrings.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Retribution Blog Tour

Its finally here....
the second and final book in the Deception series.

***This is my review of Retribution & it may contain spoilers.***

Claire marries Robert even though she is not in love with him and he could possibly  be the murderer of his deceased wife Marie.  Eventually she realizes she should have listened to Cooper and ran when she could.

The attraction between Claire and Cooper is still as strong and lustful as in Deception. 

I actually started to like Claire more because of her growth.  She is a lot stronger in this book.  I was in no way ready for the ending. It had me like whoa!

You can get Deception right now for only $.99.

Have a great day!


Friday, March 13, 2015

Micheladas Musings Spring 2015 Metal, Hemp & Glass Online Trunk Show

Spring fever has hit me like no other season has.
The sunny days bit me badly..
So I was thinking I would love to do another online trunk show.
This years theme is Metal, Hemp & Glass.
I am going to also put up some items that have been in the etsy for a year now
and mark those down to make room for some new items.

I am also going to make a few wind chimes, key fobs and other goodies that
I would not normally sell.
The dates will be March 27, 2015 starting at  9am
and you can shop til March 29, 2015 at 6 pm.

Click here to join the fun.
Invite your friends as well.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Kid's Day March 3, 2015 & National Pancake Day Fundraiser

It's that time of the year again
where we celebrate 
Kid's Day!

Kid's Day is special to my family because when my youngest son
Deondre was 9 months old he was hospitalized for 10 days.
Valley Children's staff was amazing with him.
They saved his life and I am forever grateful.
I normally would give $6 because I have 6 kids,
but now with the additions of the grandies,
I am upping my donation to $12.

Thousands of volunteers from all over the Valley will be collecting 
donations on almost every street corner in
Fresno, Tulare, Madera, Kings, Merced and Mariposa counties.

This years goal is to raise over $530,000
(which was raised last year)
for the non profit Valley Children's Hospital.

$1 will get you the Kid's Day Special Edition with coupons
and articles such as:
• A look at a father and daughter who have both been treated at Valley Children’s Hospital. Years ago, the dad lost a leg to bone cancer, but his time recuperating at the hospital was so positive he decided to go into the medical profession and now works at the facility.
• The hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care unit is a Level IV, the highest ranking for any such facility. That means the hospital can take care of any medical situation with newborns except doing transplants.
• A team of Home Care department therapists, nurses and others hit the road to visit patients in their homes.
• Child Life specialists, assistants and volunteers work as liaisons between medical staff and patients.
• The hospital’s imaging department has MRI machines now with SensaVue screens that enable patients to view a video during an exam.
• Neymar and his parents, Viviana and Juan Mendez, are this year’s official ambassadors for the hospital. Despite numerous medical problems, the family remains upbeat and optimistic because of the treatment Neymar has received.

If for some reason you do not see a volunteer, 
you can also text GEORGE to 90999
to make a $5 donation.

Tomorrow is IHOP National Pancake Day
Here is a list of the Valley IHOP's that will be participating:
Tuesday, March 3, 2015, 7 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Participating IHOPs in the valley:
IHOP 1100 Shaw Ave. Clovis, CA
IHOP 3020 Tulare St. Fresno, CA
IHOP 3418 W. Shaw Ave. Fresno, CA
IHOP 2201 W. Cleveland Ave. Madera, CA
IHOP 455 W. Olive Ave. Merced, CA
IHOP 1627 S. Mooney Blvd. Visalia, CA 
IHOP 7119 N. Fresno St. Fresno, CA
IHOP 1004 E. Prosperity Ave. Tulare, CA
IHOP 180 N. 11th Ave. Hanford, CA
IHOP 780 W. El Monte Way, Dinuba

For more info go to IHOP Pancake Day
Have a blessed day!


Read more here:

Sunday, March 1, 2015

You are Beautiful....... Always!

"We are all a little broken, but the last time I checked; 
broken crayons still color the same."

Over the years, since I can remember, I have dealt with some type of
emotion or verbal abuse from people who I cared about.
Some may not have realized their words hurt me,
others knew exactly what they were doing.
By the time I got up the nerve to actually leave my boys father,
my self esteem was non existent.
I basically had believed their lies.
In actuality, I was not the problem, it was them.
They were the ones hurting and wanted me to hurt as well.

You know the old saying....
Misery loves Company.
There is soo much truth in those 3 words.
I was told that no one would ever love me,  no one would love me because I'm a single mother and my all time fav, no one is ever going to love you because of your weight.

It was not until I met the first love of my life in 2007.
(I say the first because geography separated us, our break up was due to a death in the family, I know someone more special is coming & I know that all the others were not love but just products of my issues)
I always say I have been blessed to have him in my life for the short time I did.
He showed me what love really was.
He showed me that I was worth something,
that I was enough.
That I am beautiful!!
Even when I went blind or went through my Thyroid cancer,

I waited for that for such a long time.
And then one day he was gone.

That was when I married. 
Big mistake... on both sides.
He was an alcoholic and I was in love with someone else.
To say that out loud
makes me want to slap myself.
Of course I ended up going though the same abuse.
But this time I knew better.
I established a relationship with Jesus
and the more I was into church,
the more the abuse got.
Finally I found a way out, took a chance
and have not been happier.
There are still times where I question my worth.

I met another amazing man, just friends, 
but some of the things he says or does makes 
me remember just how beautiful I am.

I don't know if he even remembers, but when he came to visit, 
I have scars on my chest from an illness
and he just held me and like rubbed his hand across them like they did not exist.
I am always so self conscience about them and
he managed to make me feel beautiful at a time when I did not.

As for my future,
I am taking every day as it comes.
I know what I want, just need to figure out how to go about getting it.
But one thing I do know,
I will not allow the words of others to affect me ever again.
I now know I am beautiful. 
I am going to share that with everyone.
I want everyone to know just how beautiful they are
regardless of sex, weight, race, religion or anything else that may make you feel less than.
You are Beautiful!!

Have a blessed day!