Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday's Odds & Ends

Happy Wednesday everyone.
Whenever my husband goes out he finds odds and ends
for me to try to make something out of it.
These things can include earrings, bolts, washers, caps, rocks
just anything that grabs his attention.

One day he came home with a single hoop earring.
(of course I forgot to photograph it when he gave it to me)

I did cut the ends off and filed them down.
I had originally wanted to fill it with some sea glass I had,
but they were too large.
So I went with the next best thing.
Patina and fresh water pearls.

I used a combo of  Verdigris & Jade from Vintaj.
Then I filled it in with the pearls.

Here is what it looks like.
I am still not sure about it.  lol
I am going to be a mermaid for Halloween
so this is going to go with the outfit.

Have a great day!