Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day and a Sale

Happy Earth Day!
*Valdearenas Beach, Cantabria Spain*

I really love Earth Day.
Celebrating the magic and beauty of the world.
Bringing awareness to people that if we do not start to take care 
of this beautiful planet,
things are going to change.
But I also hope it helps people realize
that we need to do all we can every day.
Not just one day a year.

One way to help out is to click on the Help the Rain forest icon
on the upper left hand corner.
It is free and only takes a minute of your time.

As for my family and I, 
we recycle EVERYTHING.
What I can not recycle
I try to find ways to reuse it.
We could fill a large garbage container last year.
This year, the garbage men are lucky if we can fill it a third of the way.
(Unless we do a spring cleaning, but even then it is not full)

Here is a site that I find very useful and informative.

Here are a few ways we reduce our garbage.

1. We made a compost pile in the backyard.
2. Planted a garden
3. I reuse all the plastic veggie or meat bags that we get.
4. We reuse the meat trays for craft projects or even to substitute as a plate.
5. I love using cloth bags at the store.
6. We utilize all the thrift shops in our area.
7. I like to reuse old ketchup or mustard bottles to use for homemade sauces or dressings.
8. No aresol is used in our home.
9. Old clothing that can not be given to a thrift shop, is turned into rags to use for cleaning
and I even use the material for certain craft projects.

Putting all tin cans, plastics, junk mail, magazines, phone books, and any other recycle item
will reduce the amount of trash you throw away.

What are some ways you reduce, reuse or recycle?
I am always looking for new tips and tricks.

To celebrate Earth Day,
I am having a sale.
All you have to do is visit my fb page 
and click on the Etsy store tab at the top.
This will give you your discount of 20%

Have a beautiful day!!

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