Friday, April 19, 2013

A Very Merry UnBirthday

Okay so I wanted to write a pretty witty blog to sum up my
very merry unbirthday gift and pal..
But my daughter is in labor with number 3

So here it is in a nutshell..
I was paired up with Sierra Bartlett.
Her bithday is in March and 
her birth stone is aquamarine.

So I sat and thought.

A bracelet and earrings is what I came up with..

I want to thank our hostesses
for putting this blog on..
At the time I wrote this I had not received my gift yet,
but as soon as I do I will post pics.

Here is the list to see what everyone got.

Ali McCarthy

Alicia Marinache

Anzia Parks

Audrey Belanger

Cheri Reed

Cheryl Dunham

Chris Eisenberg

Christine Schlicht

Cynthia Machata

D Lynne Bowland

Dyanne Everett-Cantrell

Gina Hockett

Ginger Bishop

Gloria Allen

Janeen Burlingame

Joana Perez Stribel

Lori Schneider

Mary Govaars

Mischelle Fanucchi

Paula Gaskill

Renetha Stanziano

Robin Reed

Sherry Baun

Shirley Moore

Sierra Barrett

Susan Bowie

Susie Harris

Mowse Doyle

Cindy Muse

Ellie Grossman

Marlene Cupo

Shelley Graham Turner


  1. Such a soft, pretty design! And best of luck to your daughter as well!

    1. Thank you.. She had the baby this morning at like 4:45 am..

  2. Beautiful necklace! And in the midst of number 3 is very exciting! Love what you created, what a great party!

  3. Hope you get your gift! Love the colour of aquamarine... keep us posted on your daughters progress & let us know what she has!

  4. Lovely piece. Congrats on the grand baby.
    Janeen Burlingame

  5. Your gift is beautiful - and so is your daughter! Congratulation on your new grand-baby: must be exciting - all the best to both mom and baby :)

  6. Such a stunning set you created. Can just imagine the excitement of the new birth and it is amazing you got to post at all. So glad you had such fun with our little surprise party.

  7. Your jewelry is very pretty!! Happy Unbirthday and congrats on the new grandbaby!

  8. OOOH those beads are soo pretty, and baby blue how perfect! haha CONGRATS to you all!!

    Oh, Thanks for coming to the party, make sure to go to to find out about the party goodie bag you have coming your way! ~ Shelley


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