Saturday, May 4, 2013

Here's To You, Bead Box Bargains

Happy Saturday Everyone!
Sorry I have been MIA for the past few days.
Real Life decided to sneak in
and throw some loops in my plans.

**If you are looking for my Hats Off Blog Post it will be up tomorrow**

I did manage to get some goodies in the mail today =)
One in particular from one of my new beading sources
I found out about them through a friend that had posted about 
a giveaway they were having.
So I entered..
& WON!!
So I made an order and received it today.
I love love love how fast the shipping was.
Let's face it, 
I don't want to wait weeks for supplies
when I have ideas going on in my head.
Here are a few photos of what I ordered and the winnings.

My winnings =)

So if you have not done so already,
go check them out on facebook
Like them and then order.
You are going to find some great deals.
Like some chain that just came in the other day..
I know I will be a continued customer.

Have a great evening!!


  1. It looks like you're going to have some fun with your order and your freebies. I've seen their FB link but so far haven't ordered from them. I may have to now.

    1. I am going to be playing with them today :) I am just amazed at the quality for the price.. Let me know if you do order and how you liked em.

  2. What a great selection. I found you because someone visited my blog from here, and I'm so glad I visited. I checked out Bead Box Bargains and I LOVE their Tibetan Silver focals!!

    1. I just made another order and they have some really awesome chain that just came in. Can not wait to play with that :) Glad you stopped by.


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