Thursday, December 8, 2016

Morning Routines and Your Health

This afternoon when I had gotten home from work,
I sat down to catch up on some blogs and Facebook pages that I religiously follow.
Hope at Crafty Hope
 shared a blog post from
It was titled

It immediately grabbed my attention due to the fact that I have been eating healthier and exercising more along with finally getting my thyroid meds regulated.
I have lost 25 pounds in the past 6 months which is huge for someone with
thyroid issues.
Weight loss has always been some sort of demon for me.
Anyhow, I read the post and have to say that I do most of the things on the list before 7 A.M.
Whether or not it has to do with my latest weight loss,
it is a pretty great way to start off your day.

What I already do before 7 A.M. is
drink a big glass of water
eat a healthy breakfast
make my bed
connect with someone I love
clean one area
make a to-do list
move my body.. I was 3 miles a day.

So do you have a morning routine?? Do you think you will try any of these things??
Let me know what you think.

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend.


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