Thursday, January 24, 2013

A farewell & A New Beginning

     It's been some time since my last post.  I had to take some time to find myself.  I had so many things I wanted to jump in and do, but never had the time.  Graphic design was my passion for so many years, but then I found beading and everything changed.  And you know what they say, Change is good.  lol

     I had set a date for the first of the year to reinvent my blog and my priorities, because I want beading to take a major step up in my life.  But then with illnesses and other things I moved it back to the 19th. Which was fine because I wanted things to go smoothly.  Then on Jan. 18th, my furbaby Tara was hit by a car and we had to put her down.  For a few days I was devistated. She was a part of our family for 11 yrs.  Then I looked at her photo, and knew I had to pick things back up and get to work.

So I am back =)
First order of business is to start fine tuning my wire wrapping skills.
Who wants to follow me through my journey?


  1. So very sorry for your loss...It's hard, I know!


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  3. Oh - I'm so sorry for your loss. It's never easy loosing loved ones,...two-legged or four-legged! Thinking of you,...

  4. My comment is late as I have not had time to visit blogs in the past few weeks...I am so very sorry about your loss...I have no other words, except, I believe in angels.. Take care!


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