Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Update & Ramblings All in One.

I know I have been MIA for a bit.
I have been sick for about 4 weeks.
I thought it was the stomach flu but turns out my 
gall bladder is the culprit.
But I am going to do my best to make sure I blog more.
I do miss it.

Anyhow I found this cute little ditty on one of my fav blogs
a thought I should give it a try.

Making :  more time for my loved ones.
Cooking :  not as much as I would like.
Drinking :  Hot tea on a Hot day.
Reading:  is not something I can get into these days.
Wanting:  to get out of this town.
Looking:  forward to the future.
Playing:  with my grandsons.
Wasting: time with the wrong one.
Sewing:  underwear.
Wishing:  for that beach get away.
Enjoying:  every day as much as I can.
Waiting: for the right time to make my move.
Liking: my new outlook
Wondering: if he will EVER get it.
Loving: my kids and grand babies.
Hoping: for that one love.
Marveling: at the wonders of life.
Needing: love.
Smelling: tea.
Wearing: a smile.
Following: my own drum.
Noticing: life is full of many surprises.
Knowing:  I can not help those who won't help themselves.
Thinking: about the one who left me.
Feeling: hopeful
Bookmarking: maybe blog pages
Opening: my mouth as much as possible
Giggling: not as much as I would like.

Well there you have it.
I have some photos of some goodies I have been working on.
& a few blog hops that I have joined are coming up.
So stay tuned :)
Have a beautifully blessed day!!

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