Tuesday, July 24, 2012

There Here.. There Here... There Here.. The Link Challenge

A few weeks back I finally decided that I needed to start getting myself out there and joining a few
blog hops.  Peggy from The Charm Barn gave 20 of us 25 links to create with.
10 people received a tortoise shell color and the other 10 received black.
Guess what??  
On Saturday my links came in and guess what color I got?
Yep that is right.....

Black... Shiny wonderful black links..
I have a few ideas floating around in my head..
I have yet to ever make a necklace, so maybe that might be where I am headed with these.
Or maybe not.
Who knows.. But I do know that I will be posting a "in progress" photo soon.
The reveal date is Aug 17th
voting goes on til the 27th..
Good luck to all of those who are participating.
If you like the links and would like to purchase them,
check out her etsy store here...

Have a blessed evening..

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