Friday, January 12, 2018

Dollar Tree Find & Craft

It's Friday!!
I hope you all had a wonderful week.
I really did. Lots of prayers being answered for my family, which has 
relieved a lot of stress.
Thank you Jesus!

So, one of my favorite stores is Dollar Tree.
I found some great fuzzy string, as my granddaughter Avy calls it.

Instantly I knew I wanted to use this for covers for my Nook & Fire.
I did not want them to both be the same colors so I decided to make one purple and the other green.
I really love how they came out.
So this year I am making these for Christmas in July gifts for my girls.

Here is the Nook cover

And the Fire

I had a little bit of both left so I decided to use some of the fiber in a design I created to make the 
Jellyfish Candy Earrings.
I am putting these in my etsy today.  I really love how they came out.
You can check them out here

Tonight we are going to the Crest Theater to watch a screening of 
Batman Forever.
My favorite Batman is Michael Keaton.
A little history on the Crest Theater.
It was a popular spot back before the 80's.
Mel Brooks use to own the historic theater.
A group here in Fresno wants to restore it.  It is gorgeous.
So in order to raise money for the restoration, they show all types of movies.
I will definitely take some photos to share.

What are your plans for this weekend?

Have fun!



  1. I love Dollar Tree and we have a 99 cent store in town.

    1. Oh yes!!! We have a 99 cent store as well. The thing I love about Dollar Tree is that all the store carry different items. So I can find a salted caramel candle at one store, but the other 20 in town, yes there are about that many, wont have them.


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