Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Review: The Weight of Rain

The Weight of Rain The Weight of Rain by Mariah Dietz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Weight of Rain (The Weight of Rain #1)
by Mariah Dietz
One night changed my life—one that I barely remember.
When I close my eyes, my mind paints a picture of his smile and shades the contours of his hands, the deep scar around his bicep.
I'm an artist, yet my hands are unsteady. With his presence, he has unknowingly broken that something inside of me that makes me who I am.
Being around him is like standing in a rainstorm. First the drops tickle my skin, and then they coat me, refusing to be ignored. Finally, they soak into me, reaching parts of me I don’t think anyone has ever touched.
When dreams turn into reality, will the picture in my mind transfer to paper?

I really enjoyed The Weight of Rain. It is the first book I have read by Mariah Dietz and I can not wait to read book two. I loved all of the characters and found the story to be fun. I love the way Mariah writes. I did find it a little predictable that King was the man that Lo slept with, but it was a nice predictable.

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