Friday, January 5, 2018

Here it is...... 2018

I guess the old saying
Time goes fast when you get older
is no lie.
I swear it seems like it was just the beginning of  2017 a few weeks ago.
And I did not get one goal accomplished that I had set for myself.
As you can see procrastinate was my word for that year.
Actually work got in the way of a lot of things and now looking back,
that will NOT happen this year.

This year I chose a much different word.

Its probably not what you think...
To me the meaning of unicorn is that one thing that is elusive, but
if you wait or look hard enough you will find.

I know its like a bucket list, but on a much higher level.
Like last month i was able to achieve one of my unicorns.
We went to the Foo Fighters concert!
Yes it was amazing!

So this year, I am looking for my unicorns.

I only have a few goals for 2018.

1. To read all the books by Tarryn Fisher.
I chose her because after reading Bad Mommy & The Never-Never trilogy she wrote 
with Colleen Hoover, I was hooked.
Colleen, you are next!

2. I am going to learn how to wire wrap & crochet.
For the most part, I know only two stitches in crocheting and I want to broaden my knowledge.
As for wire wrapping, since I love playing with sea glass, it just seems like the next step.

3.  I am going to continue to walk every day.
I am currently passed my goal of 100 lbs lost.  
And just have about 40 more to go.

And that is it...
What goals have you set for yourself?

Have a wonderful weekend.


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