Sunday, January 8, 2017

Activities Galore

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 7
Favorite Activities

As fun as it is to pluck chin hairs and
trim those toe nails,
I have a few activities that I love to do and
try to do them daily.

I listen to music daily.
I always have the radio on whether it is
on talk radio, KLove or
Yacht Rock on SiriusXM.

Reading is another passion.
I am a rather slow reader, but my intentions are good.
I almost never achieve my GoodReads Goal for the year.
But I did tone it down some.
This is my year to make it!
I love history books, YA books and anything biker related.
I love Beth Flynn, Tarryn Fisher and Colleen Hoover.
Stephen King can scare the knickers off me. HA!

Walking is another activity I have fallen in love with.
I walk 3 miles a day and just added a half mile job to the routine.

Crafting and Creating is another love of mine..
Unfortunately my table is always a mess. hahahhaaa

That is about it for me.
What kind of activities do you like?

Hope you have a beautiful day!


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