Sunday, January 8, 2017

Just 5??

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 6
5 Things I Can't Live Without

This is not as easy as some may think.
I have a ton of things that I can not live without.
But I will give it a try.

One thing this world needs more of.

2. God's Word
I love getting into the word and journaling and
learning what God wants for me.

3. Lip Balm
These are my fav 3.
Sun Bum I discovered in Pismo Beach,
Burt's Bees my honey got me hooked on and
yesto is just the bomb.

4. Jolly Ranchers
Just because I love them. lol

5. My Walking Shoes
I walk 3 miles a day.. for right now
and I can not see myself doing it in any other shoe but this one.
Very Comfy!!

And there you have it.
My 5 items I can not live without.. for this year. lol
What are 5 things you can not live without??

Have a great day!


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