Tuesday, January 3, 2017

10 Facts About Me 30 Day Blog Challenge Day 2

10 Facts About Me!

I really feel like I am to a certain degree boring.
Most of the juicy stuff I really don't tell many people,
so I might as well make this a year of truths. lol

1. I am a queen! 
I have always felt that I was born to have a crown dipped in turquoise
on my beautiful head.

2.  I have a deep obsession with Johnny Depp & Leonardo DiCaprio.
Not only for their good looks and acting abilities,
but for how they give back to the communities.

3.  I love sea glass.
I just love the way the ocean turns each piece into a beautiful

4.  Music is one thing I can not go one day without.
I love how one song can either take me back to a happy event in my life
or just put me in the right mood.

5.  I was on the Jerry Springer Show.
hahhahaaa I know so horrible.
It was titled I'm Pregnant by Your Man.
Wow.. it was back in 1998 before the fighting was popular and  it was
quite an adventure, to say the least.
NO! I was not the one pregnant by someone else's man.

6.  Nail polish and Lip Gloss or Balm are must haves in my life.
I really can not leave the house without them on.

7.  I can still to this day watch the Twilight Series and feel like the first
time I watched them.
Team Jacob.... just sayin.

8.  I love to walk.  I just recently started to walk about 3 months ago
to keep going with my weight loss.... 45 pounds in a year.  Two weeks
ago I jogged for the first time since high school.

9.  I am a vegetarian in training.  I do love sea food and chicken,
but starting to take those out of my diet.

10.  I love Star Wars.  No I don't think you understand.
I LOVE any and all things Star Wars.

So that is it.  What about you? I would love to read about you.
If you blogged about this, please let me know so I can read it or just
put your 10 facts here.

Have a great day everyone!


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