Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Summer Elements Blog Hop

Summer time is my favorite time of the year.
Not only does school get out for the break, but
it is time for hot weather, pool days,
beach play and road trips.
Rita of Toltec Jewels and Jewel School Friends
put out a call for The Summer Elements Blog Hop
and I knew I wanted to join in.

Growing up summer meant road trips.
Whether it was the Redwoods for a car run, panning for gold
in Colma, CA or spending a week in Yosemite,
my mom always made sure that we did something as a family.
I think that is what I loved about growing up.

But now, summer for us means spending time as a family, BBQing
and just enjoying the time we have together.

Summer almost means toe rings, anklets and cool bracelets.
Here are a few pieces I made for this summer.

I don't normally make necklaces and when I do
I love long long ones.

 I made this bracelet for a summer dress a friend made for me.
She just sent it out, but when it gets here I will def post
some pics.

And then this last one to go with a top my daughter got me for 
Mother's Day....

Well that is it..
I am going to pour me a glass of Cantaloupe water
and start to hop.
Thanks Rita for such a fun hop.

Here is a list of the other participants..
So grab a cold one of whatever you may like to drink
and enjoy the fun.

The Summer Elements Blog Hop Participants: 

Toltec Jewels (Hostess)
Marlene Cupo         
Cheri Reed              
Ailsa Cordner          
Robin Reed             
Nan Smith               
Sherri Stokey           
Christie (Charis Designs)
Carolyn Lawson       
Susie Harris              
Andrea Glick-Zenith 
Nelly May                
Melissa Trudinger     
Dini Bruinsma           
Kathy Lindemer       
Cory Tompkins        
Robin Reed             
Gina Hockett           
Karen Martinez       
Jasvanti Patel           
Solange Collin          
Karla Morgan          
Anindita Basu           
Alicia Marinache      
Andrea Trank          
Dyanne Everett-Cantrell
**Mischelle Fanucchi**   
Tanty Sri Hartanti     
Shaiha Williams        
Mary Govaars          
Becca Sirevaag        
Lennis Carrier          
Regina Wood           
Sue Kennedy           
Kathleen Breeding   


  1. Loved the story about your childhood Summers. It reminded me of our own. Back then our BBQ was wood fire for that authentic "smokey flavor"and if it was windy the smoke blew in your eyes and brought you to tears!! Good times! Your green bracelet is particularly appealing to me :D

    1. Thank you Lucy.. And when the smoke would get in your eyes, people would say.. smoke follows beauty.. So I would go from side to side and watch it follow me.. lol I always thought I was beautiful thanks to my step dad.. lol

  2. Love your summer stories. =) Thank you for sharing. My favorite color is green, and always makes me think of summer. Your green bracelet makes me smile!

    1. Thanks Becca. I never really cared for green much until I started making jewelry.. Now I love it.

  3. I love your long necklace. Enjoy summer 2013!

  4. Sounds like a fun hop. Enjoy1 Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Love your jewelry. I'm following you now.

    1. thank you for stopping by.. It was a great hop. and lots of fun. thanks for following :)

  5. Very citrusy! They make me want to go have a cool drink.

    1. You know now that you mention it, it does look citrusy. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Lovely Mischelle! You could actually wear all three together for a bunch of bling! Road trips are still fun. We have several planned for this summer but the pool is also calling my name!!!! Have a great summer! :)

    1. I know after I made them both I thought, why didn't you make it six rounds and combine them both.. Maybe another project ;) Enjoy the pool!!!

  7. Beautiful summer jewelry and lovely colour. Yosemite you said!!, I want to go, I love yosemite. I used to live S.F as student and California is for me my " home state". Have a wonderful summer.

    1. I know.. I want to relocate, but I just love Cali so much that I can not see myself leaving.. lol I live in Fresno now, but am from Santa Rosa. I think we are now about an hour or so from Yosemite. I have taken the kids there a few times, but would love to go back.

  8. Your designs just scream summer! Love them and now I have to admit to being curious about cantelope water.

    1. Thank you soo much. Cantaloupe water is just water, cantaloup and a lil bit of sugar blended in the blender. You can also make watermelon water too.. It is very yummie and can be iced as well...

  9. UMM, you know my favorite color is green. Need my address??? OK maybe I will just settle for some delicious sounding cantaloupe water.

    1. How about your addy and some cantaloup water :) I will be waiting.. :)

  10. Your jewellery is wonderful and I loved your memories of summer vacations! And Californian summer is so ... summery LOL!

  11. it's really Summer Time @ your weblog :-) the green sparkly bracelet is my favourite! Have a nice summer with lots of fun!

  12. Mischelle, I'm so glad to be commenting today -- on the first day of summer!

    Your jewelry is summer fun: pretty greens and warm, citrus colors, sparkling, and pretty! And I love that you make jewelry for your fashions. I do too! :) I hope you do post pics of the dress your friend made you with your orange and yellow bracelet! It's beautiful. I love the colorway -- some of my favorite colors. Your necklace is lovely and summery! It is like a garden. Love that it is long. And the bracelet you made for the top from your daughter for Mother's Day is beautiful! The entire ensemble works so well together, or just wearing a piece at a time. Sweet!

    The road trips you had as a child sound so fun! My family went once to Disney, but I was so little I barely remember. Now, my family sounds like yours: hanging out, enjoying each other and our Chihuahua too. I'm loving the cantaloupe and watermelon water ideas! Yumm. And on ice? Super delish! :)

    Happy Summer! Thank you for sharing your beautiful summer jewelry!


    1. Thank you Rita and thank you for hosting such a fun hop. I love summer and this just got me more excited for the memories my family and I will be making this summer.

  13. I love all the jewelry! I've been making long necklaces lately too. :) I especially love the green bracelet, as green is one of my favorite colors. Beautiful work!


    1. Thank you Andrea. I never did care much for green until this season. and I really don't know why.. lol

  14. Beautiful jewellery! Lovely colour combinations and so summery.

  15. Oh beautiful, bright and cheerful jewelry. I hope you have a great summer =)


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