Monday, May 20, 2013

Earring Swap Blog Hop

Who does not love a great pair of earrings?
I know I sure do.
But I love them even more when someone makes them for me.
Jessica Murray hosted an earring blog hop and I was paired up with
Michele and I hit it off great and talked about what each other liked.
She mentioned garnets and I mentioned the beach.. lol
So one day this cute turquoise box shows up in my mail..

Turquoise Box =)

So I opened it up and inside were two sets of eyes looking at me... 

Yes turquoise skull beads... 
I can so make something with these..
I love love love em.

Then I saw the earrings and loved them from first sight.

They do have a beach feel to them and I know I will definitely be wearing them alot this

I would like to thank Jessica for putting on the hop.
I had alot of fun and made a GREAT friend in the process.
Michele... Thanks bunches hun.. I am so glad we were paired up.
You can check out Michele's blog here

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  1. They're so pretty and fresh! Enjoy them

  2. Very pretty!! And the sculls are so fun!

  3. They look like.sea glass colors!! Very summer looking.

    1. They sure do and I have lots to wear with them this summer :)

  4. I have some skull beads like that and I love them. You will have fun with them. I love what you both did and I'm so glad you guys made new friends :) Thanks for participating!

    1. For me a blog hop is a hit when I can make new friends, get some cool earrings (earrings are my fav) and have fun.. Thanks again Jessica.

  5. Ooh so cool. I love the beach too! I can't wait to see what you do with those skulls. I would be stumped. Hahaha

    ~ Shelley

    1. I have an idea.. but I am not 100 on if it will be earrings or bracelet. but I will def blog about em..

  6. They are perfect earrings for summer days and long sundresses and warm sun. Fun!

  7. Perfect for a day at the beach! Very pretty!

  8. Great earrings. I love the way she wire wrapped the seed beads around the rest of the beads. Know you'll have fun with those skulls.

    1. I love how the seed bead wrap around too. Thanks.

  9. Lovely earrings! Yes, they have a "day at the beach" feel to them.


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