Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rain && Tomatoes

     Woke up this morning to the sound of rain.  What a lovely sound that is in the middle of the summer heat wave. I remembered that I had to sweep up some of the charcoal from the BBQ, so I went out && what did my lovely eyes see?  Red Tomatoes on the vines.  I had not even tied them up yet so they were on the ground && Probably NOT edible.  But fact remains that my sons planted 6 tomato plants, 3 survived && produced flowers && so far one plant has produced some fruit.

As you can tell more are on their way to turning red.  So I will def keep you updated.
Oh ya one more thing.. I had to stop using my old blog.  Every time I try to access my older blog it says something about Splat and a virus.  So since I have no clue how to really work my way around blogger yet, I just went ahead && made this one.  Have a blessed day =)


  1. Hullo friend! Our tomatoes are struggling, we planted em early May......what to do? Help, never grown anything ever! BTW, added you to my feed, so I will be able to read anytime you post :)

    1. Hello Elaine, I am so sorry to hear about your tomatoes. My sons are the ones who planted these. All I did was water them every day. Our soil is very hard, does not soak in the water very well. The plants are planed in our front yard, next to the house. So they do get some sun, but not a lot. I wish I had some advice. Going to add yours as well :)


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