Friday, July 20, 2012

Meet the Grandsons

While my two youngest boys went to the library && then off to bible study tonight,
I thought I would blog about my grandsons.
They complete me.
I honestly did not think I could love anyone more than my own kids, 
but I was completely wrong.
Okay so maybe it is a different kind of love.
One that I just can not explain.

Marik is my oldest grandson.
I dont get much time with him,
but when I do, he is all smiles && love.
He loves Spongebob, Caiou && Cars.

Joshie is my second oldest grandson from my son Ollie.
I have spent the most time with him, because I just felt I needed to help out more
since my son has been gone for a bit.
Josh is definitely my clown of the bunch.

Heeeeeres PJ =)
Gramma's love bug.
I kid you not there is ALWAYS a smile on his handsome lil face.
I treasure my time with this one the most because he is just the cutest.  lol
Just kidding.
I love my babies all the same.

So these are the loves of my lives && my inspiration for 
how I live my life.

Have a blessed day!

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