Monday, December 24, 2018

Beanie Weather!

2018 was a year that brought me great sadness, joy 
and a new thirst for learning more crafts.
I decided that 2019 is the year of Creative Flow for me.
I have a few crafts I want to learn and crocheting is one of those.
To be more specific, beanies and socks.
I have always been able to make scarves, but only had knowledge of two stitches. lol

Yarns purchased at Walmart for now.

I have purchased some yarn from Walmart until I start to master the beanie and sock process.
Then I have a few online venders I will be buying hand dyed yarns from.

My first attempt at a beanie.

After a few hours on youtube, I finally found a great how to video for a slouchy beanie.


Once I get the beanie finished, (hopefully after the holidays)
I will post the finished product.

Have a wonderful week.


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