Monday, December 14, 2015

Finding Love.... Or Waiting Forever for the Right One...

"You can love me more in a moment 
than other lover's could in a lifetime." 
~ Steffany Frazzle

That quote right there is so very true.
I have been one who falls in love so quickly that
every time it was a false love.. Lust, if you will.
Always ending up with a broken heart.
But the love of Jesus is everlasting and more 

Don't cheapen your heart and value by seeking attention from 
what cannot fill or satisfy your soul. 
Don't taint your devotion to God for temporary pleasures. 
Immerse yourself completely to Him...
He alone will satisfy the longings of your heart. 
~ A Modern Day Ruth

My relationship with Jesus means everything to me.
I am no longer going to jeopardize that for anyone.
Even if that means I will not have a physical relationship with anyone,
I will still have the love of my Lord and Savior.
Eventually God will send the one I am to be with in His time.
I just need to have patience and know that
when it happens, it will be forever.

Have a wonderful day!


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