Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday Evening Truths

Just a fun little thing my girl Starla posted.

Been pulled over?  yes

Dyed your hair? many many times

Baked a cake?  Yes

Fallen down in public? Oh man in Savemart in front of the cutest bagger.

Been caught kissing?  yes

Broken a bone?  not yet.

Had braces?  Nope.

Built something? yes all the time.

Been to Disneyland?  yes I have

Eaten a donut?  too many.. lol

Screamed during scary movie?  Yes, who hasn't?? lol

Been to professional sport event?  WWE and Oakland A's

Slept till noon?  a few times.

Toilet papered someone's house? yes

Gotten seasick?  not yet.

Eaten food that was off the floor?  being we have a 3 sec rule.. yes.

Fired a gun?  does a bb gun count?? squirt gun??

Been in the hospital?  too many times.

Ridden a horse?  yes

Rode a dirt bike?  ya and fell off.. LOL

Rode a four wheeler?  not yet but want to.

Drove a car?  yes

Got into a fight?  I wonder if the one I got into on the Jerry Springer show

 counts??? Hmmmm

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