Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Currently I'm........

Currently I'm......

Creating  hooks for some wind chimes and ornaments I have made.

Dreaming about the beach.

Bookmarking a cafe that Robin Williams frequented when he was alive.  They have a great book selection. It is called Depot Bookstore & Cafe.

Drinking ice cold water with lemon.

Looking forward to the pomegranates growing in my tree.

Enjoying the wonderful music of K-Love.

Eating nothing at the moment. But making BBQ Pulled Pork for dinner.

Giggling over a meme of Tom Brady.

Hoping this next storm we are suppose to get 
will drop some water on the Valley.

Feeling overwhelmed with trying to get so 
much done in a short amount of time.

Playing candy crush is addicting.

Taking a break for a few days helps me recharge.

Reading Under the Influence by L.B. Simmons.
It just came out yesterday and is on sale for .99 on
Amazon & Barnes and Noble.

Needing some time away.

Marveling at the grapes growing over the 
neighbors fence into my yard.

Wanting sand in my toes.

Wearing my jammies because 
what else would be comfy to blog in??

Working on getting these cards painted.

Wishing I lived closer to the beach.. 
No wishing I had a car.

Thanks Hope at Crafty Hope for this fun idea.
Have a wonderful day everyone.
Remember to make your day sparkle.


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