Friday, February 20, 2015

Faith Friday: The Seeds of Doubt

After many failed relationships and an abusive one sided marriage, I managed to take the last year to find myself and hopefully date again.
I was not about to let anything from the past interfere with the present.
I found out things about myself I did not know, like how beautiful I truly am, that I am enough and that no matter what, I can not please everyone all the time. I also strengthened some of the things I already knew.  One of those being my relationship with Jesus.  I take it one day at a time. I continuously fail. But I do not give up... EVER!
I have been pretty good at learning to give all my worries to Jesus.  If anything is bothering me or making me cry, I just ask Him to take it and I kid you not, I instantly stop crying or I don't even think about what it is that is bothering me.  Some may think I am crazy, but it is true.

Recently, I have become friendly with a really amazing guy.  We have chatted and hung out.  Things seemed to go really well, which made me hopeful.  But contact with him was very minimal after we hung out because he had been busy.  Which is understandable.  We all have busy lives, some more so than others.
I did start to second guess myself, thinking maybe it did not go as well as I thought.
Or maybe he was not into me, just lots of things ran through my mind.
He assured me he had just been busy and we were basically cool.  I still questioned him I think for another day or two, still with the same thoughts going through my mind.

I did not put two and two together until I was on the phone with one of my girlfriends.  She was explaining to me about how things were going really well in her life, and that she knew it was Satan planting seeds of doubt where ever he could to create some chaos in certain parts of her life.  
That's when it hit me.  
Everything in my life was going great and the one possible way to cause any chaos or sadness would have been through doubt or second guessing that one relationship. 
So I took it to prayer, asked Jesus to handle it and I swear, whatever I was feeling at that one moment, went away.  There are times where I can feel myself start to get that feeling of doubt and I instantly squash it.

So when things seem to be going really good in your life, you have to always keep your faith in the Lord, because Satan is working double time just to find ways to creep into your life and plant those seeds.
Be on the look out and put your faith in Jesus.
It will get better!

Have a blessed weekend.


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