Saturday, October 6, 2012

Holiday Bling Blog Hop Reveal

A day late and a dollar short.
Lately since I got sick, that is how my life has been.
So yes I am late with my reveal, I went to the hospital
because I was getting tired of laying on my couch.
I could tell the boys were getting restless with one another.
And when I am sick, you know nothing gets done around here.. lol

Anyhow, Marlene and Shelley hosted a Holiday Bling Blog Hop and I had
to get in on it.  I was partnered with the wonderful Shelly Joyce

So I got on it and was going to go one way with what I had in mind.
But then my daughter found these cute gingerbread man beads, so I had to use them.
When I received my package from Shelly, I fell in love with the bracelet..
I love everything about this bracelet.. 
Take a look for yourself :)

Also included in my package was a lovely pair of earrings.

And here they are together :)

I would love to thank Shelly for such a beautiful gift.
I will def be wearing this alot.

I would also like to thank Marlene and Shelley for hosting such a fun blog hop.
Here is a list of the others who participated in the hop.
Check them all out.

Michelle Fanucchi
 Monique Urquhart
Therese Frank
Heather Otto
Jo-Ann Woolverton
Linda Florian
Debbie Rasmussen
Alicia Marinache
Ginger Bishop
Lo/  Lynn Jobber
Leanne Loftus
Rita/Toltec Jewels
Shelly Joyce
Shai Williams
Lori Bowring Michaud
Lennis Carrier
Marla Gibson
Mary Howell Govaars
Linda Younkmann
Shirley Jones Moore http://​www.beadsandbread.blo​
Melinda Orr
Marlene Cupo
Shelley Graham Turner
Sonya Stille
Dyanne Cantrell
Anindita Basu
Dee Elgie
Gina Hockett
Lori Jean Poppe
Charlie Jacka
Stephanie Stamper (Woods)
Mary Hicks, Shannon Hicks


  1. Such a festive holiday bracelet. Hope you can wear it in good health. Your partner did herself proud, and I am sure you happy! Thank you for joining us in our HBBH!

  2. Hi! I'm commenting today because I did a double shift babysitting grandma thing yesterday for two daughters and two sets of grandkids -- I'm so tired! lol Anyway, your bracelet and earring set from Shelly Joyce is gorgeous, very festive. And I love the colors of your gingerbread set! Do you have a pic too? It looks beautiful!! Happy Holidays!

  3. Lovely swap pieces, reminds me of baubles on the tree - and your little gingerbread men are adorable =)

  4. I love what you received....I adore dangles. Hope you feel much better soon.

  5. Those are beautiful pieces you received from Shelly. I love the bracelet and I bet it is fun to wear too.

  6. Hope you get to enjoy good health from here on, Michelle. You and Shelly both gave and received beautiful bling that will be fun to wear at the Holidays. May Peace and Joy be yours!

  7. Hope you feel better soon sweetie. Your gingerbread jewelry is adorable. Lucky you have a helper - a future stylist or merchandise buyer perhaps! Enjoy your holiday bling! Thank you for participating in our blog! xxoOh! ~ Shelley

  8. That looks like a fun bracelet to wear. I love it when my jewelry jingles.

  9. Hope you feel better - after all, it's Christmas ;)

    Both your set and Shelley's are gorgeous - and definitely bring the bling needed for Holidays!

  10. The gingerbread set you made was so cute! And this looks like the perfect holiday season jewelry to wear :)

    I can't find your email addie, so email me at about the 'Pay It Forward' spot!

  11. Beautiful, both yours and Shelley's. Feel better soon. This hop was fun. Take care.

  12. Wonderful colours. This is so beutiful bracelet and earrings.
    I hope you'll feel better soon.


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